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Debaten los pros y contras de invertir en Puerto Rico

26 Feb 2020

El debate entre los incentivos que ofrece la isla y las dificultades que presenta como destino para hacer negocios dominaron la agenda de la Puerto Rico ICON Conference, evento dirigido a atraer nueva inversión.

Deliberate market focus drives solid growth for Grant Thornton

14 Jan 2020

Grant Thornton International Ltd today announced global revenues of USD5.72 billion for the financial year ended 30 September 2019, up 5.1% on 2018. This result represents growth of 6.4% in constant currency terms.

Sin claridad la ruta post-154

26 Nov 2019

Las foráneas sujetas al arbitrio consideran modificar decretos en caso de que el IRS eche a un lado el crédito federal.

Receta de crecimiento sostenible

24 Oct 2019

Puerto Rico tiene ante si, la mejor receta para lograr un crecimiento económico sostenible. Ese crecimiento será la base para posicionarnos más alto a la hora de evaluar nuestra competitividad con otras jurisdicciones del mundo.

The 123’s of the Opportunity Zones (part four)

04 Sep 2019

Puerto Rico, like other U.S. jurisdictions, was included in the designation of Qualified Opportunity Zones (”QOZ”). Unlike the states, which could only designate 25 percent of their low-income areas as QOZ, Puerto Rico was able to designate 100 percent of its low-income areas. Thus, out of the nearly 8,700 QOZs, 863 are in Puerto Rico.

The 123's of Opportunity Zones (part three)

14 Aug 2019

The primary purpose of the Opportunity Zones program is to attract investment to designated areas. Therefore, Qualified Opportunity Funds (”QOF”) must maintain at least 90% of the assets contributed by investors in qualified opportunity zone property (“QOZP”).

The 123's of the Opportunity Zones (part two)

07 Aug 2019

In this article, we will provide several examples demonstrating the practical application of the terms and requirements we have been discussing in our first two parts.

Opportunity Zone Investment in Puerto Rico Unhindered by Turmoil

05 Aug 2019

Opportunity zone developments in Puerto Rico—heralded as one antidote to the island's economic distress—are for the most part unhindered by recent political turmoil, according to investors and tax professionals there.

The 123's of Opportunity Zones (part one)

31 Jul 2019

On May 14 of this year, the governor signed Law 21-2019 to adopt the tax benefits in Puerto Rico that the federal opportunity zones program establishes. In addition, it creates a new incentive program for priority projects that will help the recovery and economic development of certain designated areas on the island.

Opportunity Zones: The Disruption Puerto Rico needs

24 Jul 2019

Puerto Rico has, at this moment in time, the best recipe to attain sustainable growth. Growth that will be the foundation to position us better when evaluating our competitiveness with other jurisdiction in the world. To achieve this, all sectors, private, public and non for profits, need to align objectives, goals and strategies.