14 Aug 2019

The 123's of Opportunity Zones (part four)

The primary purpose of the Opportunity Zones program is to attract investment to designated areas. Therefore, Qualified Opportunity Funds (”QOF”) must maintain at least 90% of the assets contributed by investors in qualified opportunity zone property (“QOZP”).

07 Aug 2019

The 123's of the Opportunity Zones (part three)

In this article, we will provide several examples demonstrating the practical application of the terms and requirements we have been discussing in our first two parts.

05 Aug 2019

Opportunity Zone Investment in Puerto Rico Unhindered by Turmoil

Opportunity zone developments in Puerto Rico—heralded as one antidote to the island's economic distress—are for the most part unhindered by recent political turmoil, according to investors and tax professionals there.


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