At present, businesses and organizations are under more tax scrutiny than ever before.

With the increasing global economy every business should understand its tax obligations in the different jurisdictions it operates in. At Kevane Grant Thornton, we can help you manage your international responsibilities efficiently and effectively. 

The global marketplace offers a serious business proposition for expanding companies.

A company entering the international business arena needs to take major strategic decisions. We have established an international business center (IBC) in response to the needs of our clients to develop global businesses.

International Business Center

Kevane Grant Thornton is an accredited international business center having demonstrated a high degree of expertise in a range of competencies. Our IBC team delivers integrated solutions to complex international business issues.

Located in over 30 major business centers around the world IBCs are led by partners experienced in cross-border transactions. Puerto Rico's IBC team is made up of fully bilingual personnel and has extensive experience in local and international businesses. Our professionals focus is on understanding your particular needs and seek the most appropriate team to deliver a solution, whether in respect to inbound investment or export-led expansion.

Drawing on our global knowledge and in-field practice, our clients will benefit from skills, experience and extensive business contacts of our dedicated teams who are there to support them with customized service.


International indirect tax guide