Rapid and customized approach to investigations and dispute resolutions

The commercial landscape is changing fast. An ever more regulated environment means organizations today must adopt stringent governance and compliance processes. As business has become global, organizations need to adapt to deal with multi-jurisdictional investigations, litigation, and dispute resolution, address the threat of cyber-attack and at the same time protect the organization’s value. The sheer volume of data generated by modern, digital businesses poses the challenge of quickly identifying the key facts in the context of reputational and regulatory enforcement issues. 

Our forensic capability is integrated with our wider advisory services – not an add-on. With the help of our experienced investigators, forensic accountants, computer forensic specialists, our seamless multi-disciplinary team approach offers organizations the full range of expertise they require.

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Marta E. Rodríguez
Partner - Head of Advisory and Outsourcing
Marta E. Rodríguez