The entrepreneurial spirit of the mid-market remained strong as we entered 2024 and despite an uncertain global climate, the mid-market sees international business as a key driver for future growth.

Grant Thornton’s latest International Business Report (IBR) reveals that the mid-market has high expectations for prospects abroad and is showing an eager appetite to invest.

52% of mid-market firms plan to increase their company’s strategic focus on international markets over the next 12 months

Increasing investment and leveraging supply chains for business growth

Our international business articles explore this ambition further, with a look at the factors driving this inward enthusiasm and how they differ across industry sectors and regions. In contrast, we explore the changing global economic landscape and constraints that the macro environment continues to deliver. Revealing ways the mid-market plan to respond to these outward challenges in a drive to achieve their international business objectives.

To gain a deeper understanding of how the mid-market is looking beyond borders for growth, and to discover our top takeaways for business leaders, download the articles below.

The mid-market momentum fueling investment in international business

Delve into the key areas that mid-market firms across the globe are pursuing to establish a competitive edge. From investing in people to bolster innovation, or gaining momentum in sustainability whilst exploring new territories, read how having a clear intention to invest can help an organisation compete through international business.


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How international business is turning challenges into opportunities

Uncover more about the globally ambitious mindset of the mid-market and how they are navigating the challenges of an uncertain global climate with purpose. Where shifting trade routes can create a route to quality, and where political uncertainty can intensify the need for resilient supply chains. Read the different ways organisations can succeed through international business.


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Isabel Hernández
Partner - Tax | IBC Director
Isabel Hernández