As a result of the announcement of the World Health Organization describing the outbreak of COVID-19 as a pandemic and the Executive Orders 2020-020 and 2020-023 issued by the Puerto Rico governor, Wanda Vázquez, in preventing and controlling the dissemination of this virus to protect the wellbeing of our citizens, the Puerto Rico Treasury Department has issued new guidance in respect to the filing date of 2019 Informative Returns without penalties.

In order to avoid unreasonable setback to employers and withholding agents regarding their responsibility to file 2019 Informative Returns and being consistent with the objective of the OE-2020-023, the Puerto Rico Treasury Department has amended Informative Bulletin 20-08, through the Administrative Determination No. 20-09, to inform that the period of non-applicability of penalties will be extended until Friday, May 15, 2020, as long as the filing of 2019 Informative Returns are completed in SURI.

All previous dispositions issued by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury in relation to the 2019 Informative Returns filing due date are without effect.

The dispositions of this Informative Bulletin are effective immediately.

Informative Bulletin No. 20-08 (BI RI 20-08)

Administrative Determination No. 20-09 (BI RI 20-09)

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