Global business pulse The mid-market recovery is now inching forward
After leaping back strongly from the darkest days of the pandemic, the global mid-market could only manage a small additional step forward in the second half
Sustainability Empowering the mid-market to help achieve net zero
Mid-market businesses around the world want to accelerate their ESG and sustainability journey. But they’re going to need support to do so. Peter Bodin, CEO at
Sustainability Creating competitive advantage through sustainability
The mid-market’s real prioritisation of sustainability not only reflects the growing expectation of stakeholders but the forward-thinking nature of this
Mid-market industries Mid-market recovery spreads to more industries
‘Uneven’ is how we described the impact of COVID-19 on different mid-market industries – both when assessing initial destruction in H1 2020 and the early
Diversity and Inclusion Inclusively leading through change
Foster a culture of communication where everyone is able to contribute, leaders can create organizations robust enough to thrive in 2021 and beyond.
Introduction Pause for a pit stop
How can you develop greater resilience in your business?
BUSINESS RESILIENCE Shifting attitudes: International sales and supply chains
What does COVID-19 mean for exports and international supply chains? Shutdowns have caused major disruptions internationally, so how can mid-market business
International business report (IBR) Thriving in 2020: Capitalising on resilience
In this new normal, where volatility has become business as usual, how do mid-market businesses succeed?
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS REPORT (IBR) Uncertainty remains but optimism improves in the North American mid-market
Uncertainty remains but optimism improves in the North American mid-market.

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