Outsourcing Article Deferral of employment tax deposits and payments
The approved CARES Act allows the deferral of employment deposits and payments.
Outsourcing article Driver’s Insurance Quarterly Returns – new requirement
The Puerto Rico Department of Labor (DOL) has issued a notice with changes in the filing of the Driver’s Insurance Quarterly Returns.
Outsourcing article What’s new for Social Security and Medicare in 2020
The Federal Tax Guide - Publication 15 includes the following changes for the taxable year 2020.
Outsourcing article 2019 Informative Returns filing 480.7E
The Puerto Rico Treasury Department has issued Administrative Determination No. 19-08 with the guidelines for the filing of 480.7E Informative Returns for the
Outsourcing article Electronic filing requirements for 2019 Informative Returns
The Puerto Rico Treasury Department has issued Publication 19-03 with the electronic filing requirements for Informative Returns for the tax year 2019.
Outsourcing Article 2019 Electronic filing requirements for Form 499R-2/W-2PR
The Puerto Rico Treasury Department has issued new guidance providing the electronic filing instructions for Form 499R-2/W-2PR.
Outsourcing article Changes to 2019 Withholding Statements Forms and Informative Returns
The Puerto Rico Treasury Department has issued Informative Bulletin 19-09 to notify the changes made to Forms 499R-2/W-2PR and Informative Returns for the year
Outsourcing Article PRSIF issues final statement and preliminary premium
The Puerto Rico State Insurance Fund (CFSE for its acronym in Spanish) issued the Workers’ Compensation Premium Notice for the Final Premium Statement of the
Outsourcing article State Unemployment and Disability Return
The Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH) of Puerto Rico, has issued a notification to remind employers that the period to file the State Unemployment
Outsourcing article State Insurance Fund- annual payroll statement
It is the duty of every employer to insure his/her employees against all work-related injuries, illnesses or death with the Workmen's Compensation Insurance
Outsourcing Article Interpretation of labor laws in Puerto Rico
The Puerto Rico Department of Labor and Human Resources has issued the first edition of “Guidelines for the Interpretation of Labor Law in Puerto Rico”.
Outsourcing article Quarterly return - tax withheld for Services Rendered
The Department of the Treasury has established the filing requirements for the Quarterly Return of Tax Withheld on Payments for Service Rendered.

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