Advisory Article Upgrade your data governance
To effectively use and control data, businesses need effective data governance. The journey to effective data governance requires each business to identify its
Advisory Article Who will mind the models?
Strategies for Deploying Model Risk Management.
Advisory Alert Increase preparedness for Cybersecurity attacks
In the recent events between Ukraine and Russia, the government and private organizations observed an increase in cybersecurity attacks that has been mostly
Advisory Article The smart approach to intelligent automation
As organizations streamline and adapt, the once-distant promise of business automation is delivering real results and defining tomorrow’s top competitors.
Advisory Article How internal audit can fortify cybersecurity
When you’re trying to stay a step ahead of ransomware attackers, adjusting your organization’s cybersecurity profile can start to seem like an endless game of
Advisory Article Liquidity planning in a crisis - How to increase speed, efficiency and effectiveness
When you can quickly forecast liquidity and be agile, you will help your organization see its runway during a crisis - a critical area to understand - and
Advisory Article Accounting for revenue contracts acquired in a business combination
The FASB recently issued ASU 2021-08, Accounting for Contract Assets and Contract Liabilities from Contracts with Customers, creating an exception to the
Advisory Article Cybersecurity in M&A strategy
Mergers and acquisitions require a mix of strategic and tactical work – cybersecurity is usually an item on the tactical list.
Advisory Article How internal controls can add business value
Internal controls have traditionally been viewed as a requirement to avoid regulatory, legal and external audit/examination consequences. Rarely they are seen
Advisory Article Internal audit in the cloud
The critical role of internal audit in cloud security.
Advisory Article Manage your evolving third-party risks
Third party resources, components, and goods are critical for many organizations to deliver consistent and high-quality performance. But it is hard for these

Press releases

Thinking about selling your business?

14 Oct 2020

These are certainly difficult and uncertain times, and the question of whether this is the right time to exit the business or continue until the pandemic passes, is something many are pondering. A business advisor can help and guide businessowners through this process to weight the best options available, maximize the value of the business and a potential higher return in a transaction.

Importance of Cash Management During Turbulent Times

07 Oct 2020

As COVID-19 continues to spread worldwide, there is growing uncertainty pertaining to cash flows and economic activity. In these uncertain times, cash and liquidity needs are paramount. Consequently, decisions taken when budgeting or overseeing tasks related to cash flows can determine the organization’s future trajectory.

Protecting Your Business Through the Paycheck Protection Program

30 Sep 2020

The CARES Act provided a new program - the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), which was focused on encouraging employers to retain employees and maintain salaries during the rest of 2020.

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