Past Event: Thursday, August 25, 2022

The newly issued SAS No. 136, Forming an Opinion and Reporting on Financial Statements of Employee Benefit Plans Subject to ERISA, prescribes new performance requirements in all phases of an audit for ERISA plan financial statement audits, and changes the form and content of the related auditor's report, specific to ERISA Section 103(a)(3)(C).

We invite those in charge of the administration of a plan (single employer, multiple employer, and multiemployer ERISA employee benefit plan audits) to join this webcast and learn the most notable changes in SAS No. 136:

  • changes to audit reports, engagement letters and other communications
  • changes to audit procedures and documentation
  • effectiveness

Our audit team experts will help you better understand the scope of an employee benefit plan audit and clarify the responsibilities of the plan sponsor and the auditor. This webcast will be conduected in Spanish. 

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Janice Velázquez
Senior Manager - Audit

Janice has over seventeen years of experience in public accounting. She is responsible for all phases of ongoing projects and of the administration of the engagements for clients in the hospitality, dealership, real estate development, manufacturing, retail, media, retirement plans, and service industries.

Frances Soto
Manager - Audit

Ms. Soto has over eight years of experience in public accounting and external audits with mid-size accounting firms. Industries mainly exposed to include services, technology, retirement plans, hospitality, manufacturing, local government, non-for-profit institutions, retail stores, and distribution.