The Puerto Rico Treasury Department issued Informative Bulletin 18-18 with the new electronic filing requirements for Forms 499R-2/W-2PR and Informative Returns for 2018.

What’s new

  • all transactions related to withholding taxes will be managed electronically through the Internal Revenue Integrated System (SURI).
  • the payers will need to generate and assign control numbers for the Withholding Statements and Informative Returns.  Control Numbers must be nine (9) digits and must be unique for the payer, form type and tax year.  The Access Codes Notification Letter (SC 6104) will no longer be available.
  • two new Exempt Salaries Codes were added to W-2PR Forms:
    • Code H – Payment to public employees under the Voluntary Transition Program, according to Puerto Rico Fiscal Agency and Financial Advisory Authority Administrative Orders OA-2017-05 and OA-2017-06.
    • Code I – Compensation or Indemnification paid to an employee due to dismissal under Section 1031-01(b)(11) of the Code.
  • there are some editorial changes and corrections for clarification purposes, please refer to forms’ instructions.

Filing reminders

  • the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury will not accept forms printed without the confirmation number (handwritten or typed confirmation numbers on the forms) and will automatically invalid the forms. 
  • the Department of the Treasury has required the electronic filing of Form AS 2727 “Request of Extension of Time to File the Withholding Statement (W-2PR) and Reconciliation Statement of Income Tax Withheld (499R-3).  The electronic application will be available through SURI.  Filings in paper form, via fax, mail or any other method will be considered as not filed.
  • the social security wage base for the 2018 tax year is $128,400.
  • the contributions to CODA cannot exceed $24,500.

 For more information related to the preparation of the 2018 Withholding Statements – W2PR and Informative Returns  reporting requirements you can access our latest webcast on YouTube. Click the link

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