On March 16, the Puerto Rico Department of Labor Secretary issued Memorandum 2020-04 to announce the filing extension of all the Department’s terms for a period of 30 days and that at a later date new expiration terms would be informed.

Thereon, on May 15, 2020, the Secretary issued the Memorandum No. 2020-05 notifying the suspension of certain filing and payment terms and clarifying the terms of the notices of the Employment Security Negotiated.

The term for filing the quarterly return, corresponding to the payments for Unemployment Insurance, Temporary Non-Occupational Disability Insurance (SINOT) and Driver’s Insurance was suspended. This suspension includes payment plans for these types of contributions.

However, the terms under which the employment units (employers) must answer the information requirements of the Employment Security Bureau, will not be suspended. The term to answer the information will be counted from the date indicated on the postal mark.

Knowing that the postal service may be facing delays during this state of emergency, an additional three-day grace period is granted without penalty so that both employers and claimants comply with the terms that have not been affected by the issuance of this suspension.

Link - Memorandum of the Secretary No. 2020-05

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