Puerto Rico Invenstment Summit

14 - 15 February 2019

This premier event is aimed at investors, multinational CEO’s, business owners, tax lawyers, 
insurance professionals and financial experts. In two days, you will learn about the unique opportunities, 
incentives and competitive advantages that Puerto Rico has to offer as a business and 
investment destination, and network with top government officials, 
business people and entrepreneurs.

Puerto Rico offers the best advantages for investors interested in Opportunity Zones and Gilti tax. 
Every topic will be covered here by expert law and CPA firms, and your will hear from the people 
that have already made the move.

María de los A. Rivera, CPA Partner Head of Tax and IBC Director
Francisco Luis, CPA, JD Tax Partner

  • El San Juan Hotel and Casino
Tel: Contact: http://prinvestmentsummit.com/register