Oppotunity Zones Investors Conference 2019

30 January 2019

Since the announcement of the Opportunity Zones Funds, there has been great buzz in investment community. Puerto Rico presents unique opportunities as result of a 94.5 % zone designation. This event is an opportunity to educate, explore and discuss the possibilities of using such tax incentive as a powerful economic driver for the islands economic recovery, all within the contect of our unique investment opportunities.

Among the topics that will be discussed.

  • Economic Development
  • Accounting, legal and US Law and PR Counterpart
  • Act 20, 22, 273 and 399 How they fit at this inflection point.
  • Raising capital, initiatives and structures.
  • Real estate opportunities, vision on leveraging abandoned zones into economic hot zones.
  • Now that we know the legal and structuring, let's discuss the opportunities.


María de los Angeles Rivera, CPA Partner Head of Tax and IBC Director

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