Insurance and Financial Industry Conference

21 February 2020

Learning objectives – Upon completion of the course the participants must be capable to:

  • Know how to assess the corporate level risk, identify areas of greatest risk and develop appropriate work plans and audit programs to mitigate these risks.
  • Discuss anti money laundering law and risks associated to this practice.
  • Identify practical considerations of risk management in the insurance industry and the role of the internal auditor in the process.
  • Examine the adoption and use of BCT by financial entities as BCT has potentials in addressing some challenges of users of traditional financial systems; Understand the development of the BCT and Cryptocurrency types; Compare of BCT and bitcoin; Know advantages and challenging of BCT in the financial sector; Know BCT uses in accounting and auditing: Smart auditing, smart contracts; Know other uses: government, insurance, health care and retail.  Discuss future trend.
  • Properly identify the internal controls required for compliance with the rule.  Identify proper testing measures of the internal controls. Identify how to conclude if the system either complies ot there are material misstatements that need proper attention.
Marta Rodríguez, CPA, CVA, CGMA Advisory Senior Manager
Neysha Otero, CPA, CGMA Advisory Manager

The Institute of Internal Auditors Puerto Rico Chapter
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